Updating Your Home Security The Right Way

No matter where you live, if you own a home, it’s wise to think about the type of home security you have. The fact is that the face of crime and its prevalence is changing in America. Even if you are fortunate enough to live in a quiet rural setting, you are not immune to the possibility of a break-in. Of course, anyone living in a high-crime residential area must be particularly careful.

Evaluate Your Home For Security Needs

Even if you already have home security installed, it’s helpful to periodically re-evaluate its use. Many homes now have computer security, but it’s a good idea not to rely on only one type of security in your home.

Computerized security serves as a useful monitor when you are asleep or away from home. However, experts say that break-ins often happen in the daytime when a door is left open, even when residents are home; a thief can be in and out of a home in a matter of minutes with vital possessions.

Consider these additions to your home for a well-rounded approach to security:

  • a deadbolt or self-locking doors
  • security lights placed in outdoor dark zones
  • security bars on vulnerable windows
  • locking mechanisms for sliding glass doors
  • a locked security room or safe for home valuables
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A door system

Install Security Screens

Security screens are one of the newest approaches to home security. They have the advantage of providing durable theft-proofing over doors or windows without the noticeable iron bars of the past. Constructed of wire mesh, they look like an ordinary screen but are much stronger. A security screen can withstand the force of a baseball bat, crowbar or other types of intrusions.

This makes it ideal even for homes that are in a weather zone affected by high winds or hurricanes.

Security screens are highly energy efficient. They reduce solar heat gain in the warm summer months and allow for windows to stay open for cross ventilation.
You may also be able to get an insurance discount for using them in your home.

Home security needs are changing all the time, but so are the security products that are available. It’s best to stay current with the types of security needed in your home.

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