Forklifts Security, reducing risks in warehouses

Warehouses and storage sector of the industries are known to be employing some of the largest numbers of people across the world. The employees carry out different tasks from placing and picking items, packing the items and even receiving and shipping the item depending on what the warehouse do.

However, these employees are faced with some risks and injuries which mostly affect their backs, the knees and the upper extremists. These risks are usually caused by the exposure to the material handling, high applied force, long working duration without enough break, short cycle, awkward posture and many other organic related risks.
In the following discussion we are going to look at some of the ways in which we can reduce warehouse risks in the three large categories-placing and picking, packing; and receiving and shipping.

Placing and picking tasks.

beware of dangerous parts on your truckThis job involves retrieval and placement of items from the shelves or bins within the storage system or rather the warehouse. Those tasks require specialised material handling equipment when doing them so that safety is ensured at the work place. Some of the security measures needed include Use of forklifts or any other picking mechanism to pick and place large and cumbersome items, using an order picker when setting and picking items from various heights and finally doing in manually by use of a cart to pick and place items from the ground level.

Packing tasks.

It usually involves preparation of goods for shipment after they have been retrieved. This task can be done in an efficient and safety manner depending on the shipping method and the size of the items to be packed.
Some of the security ways in which packing can be done in reducing risks include:
Using shipping crates and pallets in securing the large and heavy goods, this usually requires the use of shrink wrapping equipment to ensure security.
Packing in appropriate boxes and packing together with appropriate materials and finally completing the necessary paperwork needed for shipment.

Receiving and shipping tasks.

Some of the ways in which risks can be reduced when doing these tasks include: using the necessary lifting techniques if possible making use of the mechanical assist and finally placing loads on shoulders and in between knees while heavy ones should be positioned between the knuckle and elbow height.

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